Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So... eventually I would like to come up with my own patterns but while I am learning I have used patterns from various sources.

The pigs, cows, calves and donkey are from
Sew Soft Toys that I bought from

The dogs and cat are from Feltcraft - Making Dolls, Gifts and Toys
that I bought from the lovely ladies at
The Friendship Tree.

And finally ... the wombats are from the very talented Pippi Willow.


  1. Bring some ideas to Qld and we'll have a brainstorming session.

  2. I'm loving your little animals and have a hankering to make my own... I like the look of that book you got at Winterwood.

  3. just popped by to say hi, heard you have a sister with a black cardigan :)
    super cute little animals by the way.

  4. You have been given a blog award! please come by my blog to accept!!! :)

  5. Hello Truj, Just would like to say a massive big thank you for the beautifully made little casper I got in the mail...Both Nikki and yourself just put a big huge smile on my face yesterday!;)Merci !!!!

  6. Truj, you know I just l-o-o-v-e your beautiful little (and some big) felt animals. I've never seen a more even blanket stitcher!

  7. Hi there, your 'black clothed sister' also told me of your fabulous felty creations and I'm so glad I stopped by for a look. Wow, they are amazing, you have been busy.
    I'm just getting started mine look nowhere as neat as yours!